broken glass cupcake Chocolate cake: This is 100% the best chocolate cake recipe I've ever used, it never fails. The batter will be alarmingly thin but don't worry it's supposed to be! Candy glass: Seriously, be patient with this. Keep it low heat and slowly boil it or else it won't be clear! You definitely need the candy thermometer. Blood: Frosting is just a basic vanilla buttercream. tortilla pizza Egg over rice: Get a steaming hot bowl of rice. Crack a raw egg over said bowl Add a teaspoon of soy sauce Mix Top with some seaweed If you're afraid of salmonella, microwave the bowl after you're done mixing. Soba noodles: Boil soba noodles for a few minutes, reserve the noodle broth. Prepare soba or somen sauce Crack open an egg over the hot noodle broth until it gets poached. Top with seaweed Chilled noodles: Boil noodles (preferably some thicker noodles like udon or something with a similar texture) then chill them. Optional: Drop a whole egg into the water that the noodle is boiling it. It should be done by the time the noodles are done. Mix Chinese sesame paste (or Tahnini) with some smashed garlic and soy sauce (optional) Julienne some carrots or a cucumber Mix everything together. Potato stirfry Cut some potatoes into thin julienne sticks (Or just slice them and make thin "chips") Heat up a pan and some canola oil and dump the potatoes in there Add some garlic, soy sauce, and shaoxing wine (sake or soju work too) Ceviche Cut up a tasty raw fish into small cubes Season with lemon and salt. These two will cook the raw fish. If you want to be super safe, leave the raw fish and lemon/salt mix in a bag overnight and make sure the fish is steeped in the juice. Poached veggies Get mustard greens, watercress spinach, yam leaves, or anything similar and leafy and blanch for 30 seconds. Salt the water beforehand. Add somen or soba sauce Keep the broth to make a savory tea- it goes great with rice. Taiwanese veggies Get one of the veggies from the recipe above. Stirfry with smashed garlic, canola oil, shaoxing wine, and soy sauce Figure out what pans you will use, don't buy a set 10" t-fal nonstick skillet $20 10" Lodge cast iron skillet $20 10" glass lid that fits both skillets $20 16qt stainless stockpot, any brand is fine. Prob about $50 8qt steel saucepan for pasta and rice and stuff, $30 That's 99% of anything you wanna cook ava ice